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True stories of miraculous healing from Randy Clark and others.


Stepping Out In Healing Ministry

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For the past several months my travel both domestically and internationally has been filled with amazing reports of signs wonders and miracles. What an exciting time to be alive and travel with my team from Agape Freedom Fighters to do what Jesus did in Matthew 10:8; Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse lepers, cast out demons. You received without paying; give without pay. I am exceedingly grateful for the training I and members of our team have received through Global Awakening’s CHCP program and look forward to completing my level 4 classes this year. In the meantime, our ministry to teach, train and equip the saints to live out Matt. 10:8 continues to grow and we celebrate the glory of God as we release His love throughout the world. […]


Christ the Wonderful Counselor

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“We recently sat down with Micah Williams and asked her a few questions about her new book, Christ the Wonderful Counselor. Micah has written CHCP's Inner Healing curriculum, and is a facilitator for Inner Healing 3 and Inner Healing 4. In addition, she is a worship leader, pastor, speaker, and writer. She and her husband Ben have started a ministry called Life Ministries, Int'l, and they pastor Convergence Church in Mechanicsburg, PA. For more information, go to the Releasing Life website. Enjoy the following interview with her about her most recent book.”

Micah, the title of your book, Christ the Wonderful Counselor, is so intriguing. Can you tell us a bit more about the meaning behind it?

In Isaiah 9:6, Jesus is prophesied about, and one of the names He is referred to is Wonderful Counselor. As I looked at how Jesus did inner healing, this name rose to the surface as my husband Ben and I were brainstorming about the main emphasis of what I was writing.

So, what exactly is “inner healing”?

Here's an excerpt from chapter 2 of my book, "In the New Testament, when Jesus speaks about saving people, the word in the original text was the word sozo. This word has typically been watered down to mean saved, but it holds a deeper connotation. This word has a broader scope, including salvation from sin and any other type of suffering, deliverance from the effects of the enemy, preservation, and healing from anything less than God’s desire for us in body, soul, and spirit. It means to be set free to walk in wholeness." […]


Yes, it is true: Jesus Still Heals The Sick

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A recent testimony:

Two years ago, a relative was diagnosed with a form of "treatable" cancer that requires a chemotherapy regimen; whereby, the surgeon inserts the chemo into the tissue affected by the cancer. Obviously, chemotherapy is debilitating, drastically affecting the patient's quality of life. Following her treatment she struggled with nausea, weight loss, fatigue, and hair loss. Through several bouts of chemotherapy, she kept a positive attitude and never complained. As I live several hundred miles from her, it was difficult to schedule a time to minister healing. Finally, earlier this year both my wife and I had opportunity to lay hands on her and pray. As we prayed, we invited the Holy Spirit to fill her with His presence. Immediately we could see that she was being touched by the Lord. We continued blessing the Holy Spirit's activity for several minutes. Later, we felt released to begin speaking to the cancer as we would a demonic spirit, telling it to leave in Jesus' name. Additionally, we invited the healing power of Jesus to manifest in her physical body. […]


Word of Knowledge Bloopers

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My History

When I was growing up, I was taught that having a word of knowledge meant that one was supernaturally discovering something about someone else. I thought getting words of knowledge was about getting facts from Jesus supernaturally, and I did not think it was related to healing. Several years ago Will Hart taught me that having a word of knowledge could be for the purpose of effecting a healing, too. When Will taught on healing through words of knowledge, I felt inspired to go for it!

Healing Through Words of Knowledge in the Marketplace

When I first started giving words of knowledge in the market place, I would walk away if the recipient told me it was not accurate. Looking back, I have to laugh about it! Picture this: I would approach someone with crutches and ask them, “Do you have a problem in your back? I received a word of knowledge for you.” They told me that they did not, so instead of asking them if I could pray for whatever caused them to need crutches, I would just walk off. Yes, that happened! I thought being wrong about the word of knowledge disqualified the encounter I had, and that I did not have the right to pray for anything else. I remember the day my mindset changed. […]


How Inner Healing Impacted Me

randy innerhealingIn January 1994 I discovered the truth that much of the emotional, motivational, and relational issues of my life were related to my having been conceived out of wedlock, and carried in shame. My father and mother loved me very much. My dad’s love was expressed in the love language of provision. My mother’s love language was expressed in caring and encouraging me to believe her frequent statement, “You are as good as the doctor’s child, as smart as the lawyer’s child, as good as the teacher’s child.” I was my mom’s favorite.

Yet, I remember not understanding why when she wanted to kiss me I would not let her, but would back away insisting she not kiss me. I never let her kiss me until I was forty-two years old when I experienced inner healing through Carol Arnott and a man who was assisting her. While leading the meetings in Toronto that later became known as the Toronto Blessing I would preach at night and go through inner healing during the day. […]



Moving into Greater Faith

faith imageHow did I get here? I asked myself. This is not the time to be introspective and reflective, Taylor.
Taming my wandering thoughts, I felt the blistering Mexican heat wash over me once again as the tropical humidity wrapped me up like a wet sleeping bag. Staring off into a grove of lush plantain trees, I blinked to clear my thoughts and focus again on the man sitting across from me.

His dusty sandals fraying at the seams, his pants and shirt were tattered khaki and pale blue. His attire was typical of the impoverished native farmers living in the mountains surrounding the town of Axtla de Terrazas, San Luis Potosi, Mexico. […]


Healing through Impressions

paranoid s imageI have gained insights into how gifts, faith, and healing and miracles are related. These insights come from forty-three years of experience in ministry, with thirty years of active praying for the sick, and having the occasion to work with and dialogue with more than ten ministers who are all noted for their ministry of healing.

During these years of ministering to thousands of people and several thousand meetings I have noticed the connection between healing and faith, and the connection between faith and revelatory gifts. With few exceptions most of the miraculous type of healings involved a gift of faith, and almost always this gift of faith was the result of a revelatory gift. Even when it seemed no gift such as a word of knowledge or a prophecy occurred there was still the still small voice or impression instructing the person praying or the one being prayed for what to do.

For example, two of the greatest healings where no apparent word of knowledge was involved, yet where revelation was involved were the healing of Julie who had paranoid schizophrenia, severe obsessive compulsive disorder, and anorexia in Tucson, AZ; and the healing of a man totally blind for over fifty years, due to a muriatic acid spill in his eyes, in Goiania, Brazil at the Igreja Videira Church pastored by Aloisio Silva. This man had no visible pupils or corneas: all that could be seen was thick scar tissue.[…]



How My Grandparents Affected My Faith For Healing

My grandfather had a radical conversion, delivering him from alcohol addiction and a lifestyle of infidelity. He and my father were converted side by side on the same night. This happened when I was about two years old. He became a devoted Christian who loved God: a man of prayer and compassion. I would sit next to him often in the little country Baptist church.

When he was 62 he died of colon and bone cancer. I was 16 years old, and this caused a problem for my faith in healing. The same church that had prayed for my Sunday school teacher prayed for my grandfather; many churches prayed for him, but he died! I had no answers to my theological problem of why grandmother was healed and grandfather died. […]



How I Was Healed of “Traveler’s Back” Pain

Photo of spinal disc protrusion l5My most recent experience with healing came in 2008. I was seated at my home on the floor entertaining some of my pastoral advisors. At some point, I tried to get up, and it was then that I experienced the worst pain of my life, excluding the injuries from my car accident. I could not put my foot down on the floor. I could not put any pressure on it or straighten my leg without excruciating pain. I ended up having to go to the doctor, who found neurological damage in my spine. I was given Percocet, a very powerful pain killer drug, along with a drug to reduce swelling in the nerves, and 800mg. of Ibuprofen— prescription strength. Even with all of these drugs, the pain was still terrible. I could not move my hips up from the bed one eighth of an inch without being in excruciating pain.

I went to a physical therapist for ninety days, six days a week. I could not walk without crutches, could not sit in a chair without exacerbating the problem, and was reduced to lying on a mat or lying in bed. Eventually, I was given two epidurals. The physical therapist told me that if they did not help, then I would probably have to have back surgery. I had three herniated discs and two pinched nerves, along with two forms of arthritis in my spine. The epidurals did not help.

I found out that the cause of my problems was many long international airplane trips. The name of the condition was called, “Traveler’s Back,” and the lower lumbar lordosis (curve of the spine) had been lost and the lumbar was flat instead of curved. […]



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