Sandy Bell

Bell Sandy


Advanced Level - Master Equipper

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1234
Inner Healing: 1234
Deliverance: 1234

Sandy Bell is the founder and director of the “Wilmington Healing Center”.   A Community Healing Center that’s entire focus is to see Wilmington and surrounding areas healed; body, soul and spirit. The centers goal is healing, equipping and sending out to do the will of God and advancing His Kingdom on earth. She and Jimmy (her loving and supportive husband) as well as the WHC Core Team, has the faith to do all that the Lord has for them in and through The Wilmington Healing Center also with great expectation to see a mighty moves of God in their community, region, state and nation. “A Wild Fire is coming that cannot be contained!”

God’s hand has been and continues to be on her throughout her leadership with Celebrate Recovery Ministry and also as a graduate student of “The Wilmington School of the Spirit” and “Christian Healing Certification Program” with Global Awakening and the United Theological Seminary in which she has completed all the requirements for accreditation. Sandy has shown great determination and ability to focus in the mist of life storms that have come her way. She has been committed to doing God’s will in her life and desires to grow daily by listening to the Holy Spirit guidance.

Sandy does put God in first place in her life and encourages others to do the same. Many have witnessed her gifting’s such as inner healing - deliverance- discernment- teaching- intercession-spiritual warfare-helping others get and stay freed from bondage. She is a leader, whose vision is to see a community healed and moving in unity with Holy Spirit. She is moved by the Holy Spirit and is very compassionate about seeing others walk in freedom.

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