Sheila Salisbury-Sizemore

Salisbury-Sizemore Sheila



Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1234
Inner Healing: 123
Deliverance: 123

Sheila Salisbury-Sizemore brings her personal experiences and mentoring into each classroom of the CHCP Deliverance Track D3 courses to enhance each student’s knowledge and awareness of ministering to those whom Jesus intends to be set free. In each course, she shares her personal deliverance testimony and experiences with the Holy Spirit as her Teacher. She has studied Derek Prince and other leaders of deliverance ministry and in 2014 was mentored into facilitating the D3 course by Dr. Arlin Epperson, CHCP Deliverance Track Co-Developer.

Sheila and her husband, Keith, currently serve as the Team Leaders of the Ministerial Branch at Christ Temple Church, a megachurch in Huntington, West Virginia; under the leadership of Pastor Chuck Lawrence. They facilitate personal prayer ministry teams and apply the principles and guidelines offered within the CHCP program to their local church. Additionally, they lead the Revelatory REALm (Relationship Education Activation Love ministry) prophetic department, altar care team, and intercessory prayer teams for this large, non-denominational congregation of around 4000 local believers.

Sheila has traveled to Africa twice and ministered both as a nurse at medical clinics and as a speaker at pastor’s conferences in Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. By tithing gross revenue earnings from her former business and through her local church, she was instrumental in assisting with the establishment of a medical clinic in the Gwembe Valley, Zambia; which has now grown into officially being recognized by the government of Zambia as a hospital that serves nearly a quarter of a million people in the surrounding remote area. While the clinic was being built, a church was birthed onsite as well which also multiplied into nearly 140 church plants to date, all under the covering of her local church.

Keith and Sheila are Global Awakening partners and the founders of Miraculous Ministries, established to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ and to equip the saints for practical ministry and to impart to others. Sheila’s healing gift was activated after receiving her first impartation from Dr. Randy Clark in Dayton, Ohio. She is a member of the International Society of Deliverance Ministers as well as Global Awakening’s Christian Healing Certification Program Association of Ministers. She also assists with the Acts29online ministry program which was founded as a method to support CHCP Deliverance Track students to provide and receive ministry within a confidential and supportive learning environment.

Revelation 12:11 says, “We overcome Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of our testimony”. Sheila gives God all of the glory for not only setting her free, but blessing her with a life now that she could not have imagined. She made a promise to God that if He delivered her, she would tell the world! She is dedicated to giving back to Him Who transformed her by now teaching, imparting leading, and ministering to His body who desires the same freedom through Christ.


Email: sheila.sizemore.chcp@gmail.com


Ironton, OH 45638 USA

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