Catrina Volz

Volz, Catrina



Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 123
Deliverance: 12

My passion for healing and deliverance was born out of not knowing how to get myself or others free. I started out serving the churches in my 20s through teaching in nursery, childrens, youth through to adults both in the US and once abroad in Brazil teaching both English and Jesus. Street ministry followed when I began to flow in the Spirit learning from both Global and Bethal's ministry. I have a background in nursing, written a few books and have served in leadership in womens ministry. Currently I am serving as a deliverance leader under the senior leadership at The Well in Maryville, TN and do inner healing sessions as needed as well as serve as a family care deacon. Isaiah 61 Jesus said He was the fulfillment of. Healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out demons, setting people free and discipling was and is the ministry of Jesus. My heart is not only to provide this ministry but to equip the churches to do it.


Ministry Name: The Well

Email: Catsv123@gmail.com


Maryville, TN 37804 USA

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