Jackie Nalos

Nalos, Jackie



Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 12
Deliverance: 1234

I am a wife, mother and grandmother who loves Jesus. I live in Southwest Washington state, about an hour out of Portland OR. My husband and I have been involved in ministry all our lives, including home missions. I was a part time music teacher and special education teacher. We are retired now. I have a passion to pray for deliverance and inner/emotional healing. I believe in the importance of breaking generational agreements for personal spiritual freedom. I have compassion for the heart pain wounds that need to be made whole. I have been physically healed myself and so I want to pray for physical healing for others. I have experience praying with a team and online prayer. I understand that sometimes prayer for physical healing, emotional/inner healing and deliverance are not available at your local church, so I am here to offer help, as others did for me.

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