John Mosier

Mosier, John



Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 12
Deliverance: 12

I am a pastor in Ogden, Utah. God started me on a journey of a new understanding and faith after losing my wife of 21 years to epilepsy. I believed God could heal and prayed that God would heal my wife. During her last days, I was given a copy of "Christ, the Healer" by F.F. Bosworth. This opened my eyes and understanding. For the first time in my life, I believed that the gifts of the Spirit were for today. I became very hungry and read many books on healing. After reading one of Randy Clark's books, I learned of CHCP and registered for my first course in 2019.

I want to be used by God to bring healing, inner healing and deliverance to anyone who needs this ministry. My desire is to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in a greater way. I want to bring Jesus to anyone who is open and I believe that living a supernatural lifestyle will open doors to minister in greater ways. I live with my new wife Hannah in Syracuse, Utah with my 3 children.

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