Lewis McMaster

McMaster, Lewis



Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 123
Inner Healing: 123
Deliverance: 1234

I am a senior citizen and local church Pastor serving God's Kingdom Work via Emmanuel Christian Outreach in the country town of Strathalbyn, South Australia.
I've been blessed with three children and nine grandchildren (still counting) and a wonderful church eldership team where we work together to reach and love on our community for Christ. We are one church that meets in two locations (Strathalbyn and the nearby rural city called Murray Bridge). Main outreach activities include a pantry club service to those who are struggling in our regional community and Mainly Music, a New Zealand based program for preschool children and parents/carers. I have been blessed to see God raise up two Christian schools through our church and have a hunger to see God's power at work healing the broken, hurting and suffering in our community - it’s time for revival.
My hope and prayer is that I will better align myself to be a means of God's healing grace touching and transforming other lives, seeing people set free from life controlling habits and daemonic oppression.
Academic qualifications include degrees in Agriculture, Arts (Masters level) and a Doctorate in Ministry.
Life experience includes serving as a commissioned officer (Royal Australian Artillery), plus business and sundry directorships, especially charities.
My hope for the course is that I will more accurately discern deliverance issues affecting members of the congregation and the general community we interact with and acquire wisdom/guidance on how to more effectively minister to them God’s healing love and power.
Together with my wife (now deceased) I’ve been involved in deliverance ministry in the early stages of the development of our church and the planting of Christian schools. This was always in the context of people seeking help and release from strongholds and oppression.
My work with our church charity organisation (Country Life Compassion Inc.) involves connecting with people who are struggling in life are for all sorts of reasons including drugs, relationship breakdown, financial hardship and deep brokenness/wounding; their need for healing and in some cases release from daemonic strongholds and oppression is very clear and I’m hopeful this course will provide keys to seeing God’s healing power released into their lives.

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