Ilene Shay

Shay, Ilene


Specialist Practitioner - Physical Healing

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1234
Inner Healing: 123
Deliverance: 123

My name is Ilene Shay , Retired School teacher love the Lord love seeing God's people healed and delivered and set free. I have completed the entire tract of Physical Healing , so,I have a certificate in that area. I have also completed three courses of Inner Healing. Two classes in the Prophetic and three classes in Deliverance . 
I am a part of the Deliverance Ministry at my church as well as a Prayer Minisrty and the Healing Minisfry. 
I am also apart of a Deliverance Ministry outside of my Church Precious Stone Ministry for 8 years. 


Phone: 708 -284-2931
Email: lene_shay@yahoo.com


Dolton, IL 60419 USA

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