Pauletta Hatchett

Hatchett, Pauletta


Specialist Practitioner - Deliverance

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 12
Deliverance: 1234

Prophet Pauletta Hatchett is an ordained Prophet and an ordained Minister at The House of the Lord church where she has served for 23 years under the tutelage and spiritual covering of her Pastor - Bishop Joey Johnson. She is also an ordained Prophet to the Nations with Christian International Global Network (CIGN), an Instructor for the U. S. Center for World Mission, and has a powerful anointing for marketplace ministry. She is a facilitator for the School of the Prophets, School of Prophetic Prayer, MSG: Ministering Spiritual Gifts, The Power of Dreams and Visions class, Hearing the Voice of God, and Freedom Class. Prophet Pauletta serves on the Board of ACTS (Akron Community Transformation Society) and ministers domestically and internationally in many nations. God has gifted her as a spokesperson and conference speaker, prolific writer, intercessor, praise dancer, and to release healing and deliverance to those who are bound. She has a deep understanding of the Word of God, an intimate walk with the Lord, and loves to advance His kingdom and encourage, equip, and activate others into deeper realms of the Spirit.

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