Keith Kirkman

Kirkman Keith


Advanced Level - Master Equipper

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1234
Inner Healing: 1234
Deliverance: 1234

Keith worked as a civil & structural engineer/ building surveyor in London UK. In his professional capacity as a Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers he ran a building design engineering business out of South West London, before moving to Wiltshire to run his own company for the last 10 years of his career. Following his recent retirement Keith has more opportunity to do what he loves best - pray for people! For over 30 years the Lord has trained and equipped Keith and his wife as Prayer Ministers, to minister healing and freedom; God has consistently used him in the realms of inner healing and deliverance. 

Keith carries a Kingdom message of seeing the captive set free, and delights in facilitating closer connection for folks with Papa God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. 

He passionately believes that forgiveness is the key that unlocks healing for those held captive by inner torment and fears, both inside and outside of Church. Keith has seen the miraculous time and time again as folks understand the centrality of forgiveness, and truly and fully forgive those who have hurt them. As the lies are exposed and their wounds are healed, folks are able to draw closer to God in worship - then out of their freedom they are able to more effectively advance the Kingdom.

Keith has greatly valued CHCP as a course which pulled together all his life training and ministry experiences. He appreciated learning from different streams and ministries, from historic and recent past, right up to what God is currently doing around the world. Keith found it to be exciting, practical, biblically based and broad. CHCP has equipped and encouraged him not only with ongoing skills for further research into aspects of healing, but has also enabled him to be more effective in ministering healing, to help others and to see the Kingdom advanced.


Email: redcandle2016@gmail.com


Bath, Bristol BS31 United Kingdom

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