Annette Hauck

Hauck Annette


Advanced Level - Master Equipper

Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 1234
Inner Healing: 1234
Deliverance: 1234

I live in south central PA, near Harrisburg, PA. I atteneded a Voice of the Apostles conference in 2012 where I was sovereignly healed of multiple issues, a primary one being depression (manic depressive disorder). I was born into a faith family. However, we were negligent in the ways of the Spirit. VOA, CHCP, CPCP, Bill Johnson, Randy Clark and Ken Fish (and others) have motivated me to pursue the supernatural God of the Bible. They have set me on a course of pursuing "life to the full" (John 10:10) for myself, my family and others!

It is my heart's desire to bring others into the freedom that Christ paid for on the Cross. I believe the enemy is keeping the Bride blinded and ignorant of Truth. Jesus truly did come to heal, deliver and bring release for the captives(Isaiah 61:1). This inheritance is available to us here and now on earth in at least some measure. It saddens me to see spiritual siblings living in bondage, with brokenness, in despair, and with heavy, unbearable burdens when Jesus paid a high price for us to be free and victorious. Sadly, Hosea 4:6 is reality for too many, “My people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.” Bondage and defeat used to be my reality. No more!

I want to look like Jesus, live like Jesus and minister like Jesus. CHCP has been invaluable in this equipping. CPCP has brought transformative revelation. Much of my freedom came as I studied and acted on the truth set before me; CHCP is a feast of spiritual wisdom and I dined richly at the banquet table that Micah, Randy and Rodney (among others) set before me. I am a nurse by training. I have traveled with Randy Clark to Brazil and with Ken Fish to Germany and with both on multiple other ministry trips in the north east. I am part of acts29online. This is an online ministry of deliverance and healing that was birthed by CHCP graduate Laurie Gross. This ministry currently available to CHCP students. It is an amazing equipping and deliverance tool. I would encourage anyone seeking personal freedom and freedom for others to avail themselves of Global’s Christian Healing Certification Program.

It is a joy partnering with Holy Spirit to bring FREEDOM to the sheep of the Good Shepherd. I desire to see the family of faith destroy the works of the devil on a large scale by obeying the great commission of bringing the Kingdom of God to bear on everyday life! "On earth as it is in heaven” in my sphere and may it be true in yours as well! It is for freedom He has set you free (Gal 5:1)!


Email: annettehauck@comcast.net


Hunmelstown, PA 17036

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