Anthony Ingram

Ingram, Anthony



Completed Courses:

Physical Healing: 12
Inner Healing: 12
Deliverance: 12
Anthony "Scott" Ingram is the President and co-Founder of Sozo Ministries (www.SozoMinistries.net). His time is split between evangelizing the lost and equipping leaders around the world. He has ministered the gospel in places like Haiti, India, Israel, Kenya, Mexico, Panama, South Sudan, Ukraine, Uganda, and the United States.

Raised in a dechurched, Christian home, Scott felt the drawing of God at age 16, was saved and joined a church. After graduating high school he sensed a ministry calling and attended Arlington Baptist College in Arlington, TX. A year into his college career, unhappy with the status quo of his Christian routine, Scott felt the urging that there must be "more", and was filled with the Holy Spirit shortly thereafter. Scott has served in ministry since 2003 as a Youth Pastor, a missionary intern, and an Associate Pastor, and full-time Evangelist/Missionary. He received an impartation from Randy Clark at the 2012 Voice of the Apostles Conference and saw his first healings the next week in South Sudan including blind eyes, back problems, and war-torn knees.

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